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About us

The Singers' Project, a senior organization of the District of Columbia Federation of Music Clubs (DCFMC), was founded by soprano Dr. Caroline Gibson in 2009. Ms. Gibson currently serves as the Executive Director for the organization assisted by Dr. Marva Cooper, Music Advisor; Alvy Powell, Artistic Director; Francis Conlon, Staff Accompanist; Claudine Nash, Orchestra Contactor; and William Burns, Chief Audio Engineer.

The Singers' Project strives to create a forum of expression for highly skilled singers and instrumentalists while at the same time providing the community-at-large with opportunities to experience noteworthy and innovative works resulting from the collaborative efforts of singers and instrumentalists, in exciting and splendid venues, at no cost to the community. In short, the objective of The Singers' Project is to keep alive the "gift of music" by "making music a part of the community, promoting American artists and composers," and helping to keep "the nation's capital as a focal point of music and music opportunities."

"The Legacy Series" and "The Art of the Recital Series" serve as the ongoing vehicles for artistic presentation. "The Legacy Series" provides for master classes; performance of innovative and traditional works with orchestra, chorus and soloists; and concerts by well-established performers. "The Art of the Recital Series" presents skilled singers and instrumentalists in the more intimate salon-type setting. But whether it is "The Legacy Series" or "The Art of the Recital Series," the intent is to deliver to the community an educational, inspirational, and unforgettable experience with The Singers' Project.

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